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Road Sweeping Machine


A Contribution towards brtter safer roads VINAYAK made Road Broomer machine for application of making on roads, highways, airports and other surfaces, User friendly, Easy to operate and for application of precise an extraordinary strength and gives consistent performance and break free operation. Our machine is suitable for smal as well as big projects.


To get the better paving of roads, the contact between bitumen and surface is crucial part, which can be accomplished by ensuring clean roads before distribution of the bitumen on the roads, this can be achieved by road cleaning machine. By owing the rigorous need of the road cleaning machine, we have configured an advanced technology based truly hydraulic road broomer machine.

In this offered road cleaning machine, we have employed supreme quality polypropylene brushes, which are driven by hydraulic motor, wherein the variable speed can be achieved by the accelerator of the respective vehicle. The assembling and disassembling of the brushes can be accomplished just in 10 minutes. This road sweeping machine is almost maintenance free, as the only hydraulic motor is used to operate the sweeper, which runs through tyres of relative vehicle that ensures quicker and better cleaning.

This road cleaning machine achieves cleaning of to be paving road surface effectively in petite time frame and apparently diminish time required for cleaning roads manually. Moreover, the road sweeping machine boasts a capability to swiftly clean roads, streets, highways, petrol pump, parking plots and other analogous applications. This offered road sweeping machine configured to cover all the facets of municipal, heavy duty and urban duty contracting work and are built by centralizing utmost standard, suitable to mount on trucks, trailors and other vehicles.

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  • Designed for fast and efficient road cleaning application.
  • Road broomer machine width of 2.5 mtr.
  • This road broomer machine are equipped with nylon bristles for efficient and durable cleaning of road.
  • This road broomer machine is preferred by a lot of road contractors for its is easy of operation.
  • This road broomer machine can be conveniently moved by attaching  at the rear of a tractor.
  • Operating  and maintenance of broomer machine is easy and  dose not required labor.

Salient Features

  • An attachment of tractor and any type of transportation vehicles.
  • Chassis and linkage holder are entirely made os steel.
  • Mechanical or hydraulic drive from the wheels of  the broomer.
  • The sweeping job is done in the forward direction, same as the  machine.
  • Excellent visibility for the operator due the anti dust gards.
  • Screws for adjustment of the pressure to the brush.

Technical Specifications

Total length of Machine


Width of Machine

2800 mm

Height of Machine

1500 mm

Weight of Machine

575 kgs

Sweeping Speed

7 to 15 kh/hr

Running Speed

25 km/hr

Sweeping Width

2100 mm

Total Width of the Brush

2700 mm

Angling of Brush

45 Degree

Diameter of Brush

450 mm

Brush Material


Wheels for Drive

2 Type, 6 * 12 Nylone

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